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Know Thy Self

A concept that has been preached almost since the beginning of written history.  It is easier said than done but it is most certainly a noble and worthwhile endeavor.  In that vein let me rephrase that quote so it is more appropriate for this context.

Know Thy Trainer

There are a lot of things I am not very good at, but there are 2 things I am really good at:  

  • I can take complex subjects and break them down into easy to understand chunks.  
  • I can create very effective workout routines that will improve strength, muscular size, and endurance.

The former ability I built through over 15 years of teaching students at the National Personal Training Institute, which is the school for personal trainers.  I have personally trained well over a thousand students to become personal trainers through our extensive 600-hour long comprehensive program.  It is my job to take the more complex subjects of health, fitness, and exercise program design, break those topics down into manageable parts, and then communicate that information to new trainers so that those same trainers can utilize that information in their own career.

The latter I have spent my life honing, starting as a 15-year old kid enamored with Arnold and Stallone, then as All-American Powerlifter looking to become as competitive as I could, and now as a coach of numerous high-level athletes and serious fitness enthusiasts.  I know my programs work because I have already battled tested them on myself, my workout partners, my students, my teammates, my online clients, and my athletes.  I strongly believe in promoting drug-free fitness and all of my programs are designed for drug-free trainees.

Writing is my second passion (after fitness) and I hope one day to add writing to my list of things I feel I am very good at.  I have already written two fitness books – one a textbook entitled NPTI’s Fundamentals of Fitness and Personal Training, the other a book on powerlifting called All About Powerlifting; a third on exercise program design is shortly forthcoming, and I am excited about dipping my toe into the world of fiction as I work on my novel, which is a sword and sorcery trilogy set in a D&D style world.  

Career Highlights

  • Owner and Director of the National Personal Training Institute of Northern VA, which serves Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia
  • Owner and president of Mythos Publishing, a publishing company.
  • Personal trainer since 2000
  • Published author of two books in the field of health and fitness:

NPTI’s Fundamentals of Fitness and Personal Training published by Human Kinetics (2014)

All About Powerlifting published by Mythos Publishing (2014)

2013 – Set the Open National Record for the Strict Curl at 198 lbs (100% RAW)

2009 – Won the Best Lifter Award in the Curl at the Federation Championships (100% RAW)

2004 – Set the AAU Federation Open Deadlift Record at 220 lbs (AAU)

2003 – Set the Open VA State Record for the Deadlift at 198 lbs (USAPL)

2000 – Won the Best Lifter Award at the Nation’s Capital Cup (USAPL)

1999 – Collegiate All-American Powerlifter (USAPL)

1996 – Set the Junior VA State Record for the Squat, Bench, Deadlift, and Total (USAPL)

  • Competed in both arm wrestling and strongman competitions locally.
  • Lifetime drug-free.
  • Powerlifting coach for over a decade to Team Force which has won the Federation Team Championships for 100% RAW in 2011, 2013, and 2014.

Published Books

Coming Soon

The Dragon’s Secret – Fantasy Trilogy release TBD

Program Design for Personal Trainers – release TBD